Steps To Downgrade QuickBooks File

Steps To Downgrade QuickBooks File


Ever resulted in these present circumstances circumstance where you may need to downgrade your QuickBooks Company record a higher rendition to bring down variant or Enterprise to Pro/Premier?

In this blog I am sharing some shrouded instrument of QuickBooks and the secret to change over your Enterprise to star/Premier or downsizing a higher form of QuickBooks file to bring down adaptation.

It can occur on various circumstances, to list a couple as illustration. Your bookkeeper had opened the record in QuickBooks 2018 and forward it back to you and you have QuickBooks 2016. or then again Somehow you began with Enterprise however then understood that you needn’t bother with those additional highlights and need to downgrade for price cutting, There could be last number of reasons.


According to Intuit record downgrade or minimize isn’t conceivable yet this trap worked for me hence I am offering it to the world. on the off chance that you need to attempt this at that point make a duplicate and then work on it.

This article is given on an “as seems to be” and “as accessible” premise. Utilization of this article is at your own particular hazard. We and our providers disavow all guarantees. Neither we nor our providers should be at risk for any harms of any sort with the utilization of this article .

Plan of Action

Intuit is right we can’t minimize the document. so try to send out the rundowns and exchange from your current organization ( higher form ) then make another organization to which you need to change over (bring down adaptation ) and import the LISTS and TRANSACTION in your new organization record in bring down rendition.


First you have to comprehend the data in a QuickBooks File. In more extensive term it contains two components TRANSACTIONS and LISTS.

Let’s begin with the trap..

Step 1

Open a QuickBooks company file

*In the Select an company that you’ve beforehand opened and click Open segment, select your company file, and snap Open.

*Once the file is open out assignment is to send out the LISTS and TRANSACTIONS and to do that we have to get to the concealed devices of QuickBooks. The Hidden apparatus is under the HELP menu however needs an uncommon key-stroke to get to it.

*Select the Open or restore a current organization symbol, select Open an organization file, and snap Next. Pick the organization document, or peruse to the envelope containing the organization record, and snap Open.

Step 2

Go to help About QuickBooks. 

Click on “Help” Button and Select ‘About QuickBooks: Premier Contractor Edition 2018’


Step 3

Once done you will get to this screen.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2018. You can see your License Number ……….. Product Number ………. User Licenses ………. Third Party Components ……….


Step 4

When you are on this screen press Ctrl + tap on “9” three times. Once done backpedal to help menu and you will have the QuickBooks Hidden tools as appeared in the picture underneath.

Click on “Help” button after that you get a list then go to “Tech Support” and after that you get a list then go to “Export” and after that you get a list then go to “Export Lists” select “Export Lists”.


There are a great deal of choices yet for the time being let’s focus on trading the LISTS and TRANSACTIONS. 

Step 5

Go to HELP->Tech Support->Export->Export Lists which will take you to the screen demonstrated as follows. Select the lists that you would like to export. And click “OK” button.

I would guidance to trade off the rundowns which has been utilized on this file. Once traded spare it some place on your work area. ( this would be in IIF design.) Once done you have to rehash similar strides to send out the exchange.

Click on “Help” button after that you get a list then go to “Tech Support” and after that you get a list then go to “Export” and after that you get a list then go to ” Export Transactions” select ” Export Transactions”.


Step 6

HELP-> TECH SUPPORT –>EXPORT –>EXPORT TRANSACTION. & save it on your desktop. ( this would be in IIF format)

Once the two records and exchange are traded we are finished with this rendition of QuickBooks. Presently open the lower form of QuickBooks in which you needed to change over or downgrade and make another company file.

Once another QuickBooks file is made in a lower form our assignment presently is to import those TRANSACTIONS and LISTS. in any case, before we do that we have to roll out a little improvement on those sent out IIF documents as though you attempt to import them in you will get a Error demonstrated as follows.

To maintain a strategic distance from that open the IIF records in Excel and delete the second document as appeared in the photo underneath and spare the progressions.

When you are finished erasing the second lines from both the IIF records. (Records and Transactions) open your new organization document and fare the LISTS initially took after by Transaction.

Step 7

Click  “FILE” –> “UTILITIES” –>”IMPORT” –>”IIF Files.”

It will require some investment relying upon the extent of the IIF files. After that Importing file.

Once done QuickBooks Information will give you the incite that the import is successful.

Once transported in you are prepared to take a shot at a similar file yet in a lower adaptation.

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Looking forward for your positive response

Please comment with a short description of the problem, if you are not able to downgrade using these steps. i should love to work on those issues..

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