Redesigned Invoice Emails in QuickBooks Online

Redesigned Invoice Emails in QuickBooks Online
We’ve made some extraordinary improvements to Invoice emails in QuickBooks Online. Presently you can-Better feature your image as an independent venture and tweak your emails, Look great on cell phones, Get paid speedier.

QuickBooks Online clients in the USA will see the new invoice emails before the finish of April. We’re refreshing the invoice emails so you can:

 Better feature your image as a private company and tweak your messages

 You would now be able to pick your complement shading and feature your logo. Inclinations you’ve set for your receipt format currently extend to your invoice email.

Get paid quicker

Allow your clients to effortlessly and rapidly survey their invoices right in their email, as opposed to expecting to snap and load the invoices on a different website page, or open a connection.

Look great on mobile devices 

The new invoice email is receptive to any screen measure, so your clients don’t need to “squeeze and zoom”. Your clients would now be able to effortlessly view and pay your solicitations wherever they are.

Let’s begin with the Steps

Step 1

Click the Gear icon -> Custom Form Styles.

Step 2

To change the design on an existing template, click Edit.

Step 3

Or, to start a new style, click New style on the upper left, and then select Invoice


Step 4

Changes made on the Design and Content tabs will apply to both the invoice and the invoice email. e.g. color, turning on/off business name

Step 5

From the Design tab, select Try other colors

Step 6

Select the desired color

Step 7

You will be able to see your new color applied to your email in your Send email preview when you send your next invoice.

Get Help 

Because this technique is complex, and only to be used in very specific circumstances, I recommend you Contact Us

Please comment with a short description of the problem, if you are not able to Exporting from Redesigned Invoice Emails in QuickBooks Online using these steps. I would love to work on those issues.

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