Convert QBO To QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks Enterprise)

Convert QuickBooks Online To QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks Enterprise)

Once your file is up and running in QuickBooks Online, use Internet Converter to Convert your QBO (QuickBooks Online) file into a backup for Desktop (QBDT Premier or Pro) .

QuickBooks  Desktop has features that are not available on the online version – Handling inventory, Job costing, Customer discounts. And not save Cost more over time.

QuickBooks  Desktop is not time purchase and software purchase can be used for multiple companies. And multiple users require multiple licenses.  It’s using  transferring the file back to accountant. QBO is multiple companies require separate file.

QuickBooks  Desktop is  not automatic sync with bank and File saved to computer.

Let’s begin with the Steps..

Step 1

Open a QuickBooks company file

Prepare To Export

Configure you system so that it meets these technical requirements for exporting. Use Internet Explorer during this process (required)

  1. Install ActiveX Controls – Follow the prompts to make sure ActiveX Controls are installed.
  2. Add QBO as a trusted site through Internet Explorer.
  3. It you haven’t already, install QuickBooks Desktop on your computer Download Now


Step 2

Click The “Continue”

Select your Data

Select All Financial Data to convert your entire file. If you want to start fresh, choose All financial data without transactions, which will bring over balances but not the history. You can always refer to your old QuickBooks Enterprise Support file if needed.

Select the QuickBooks Online data you want to export.
  1. All Financial data:

   All list and their balances (customers, vendors, accounts, and so on)

   All transaction (Invoices, sales receipts, checks, deposits, and so on)

  1. All financial data without transactions:

   All lists and their balances (customers, vendors, accounts, and so on) Product and services are exported, but not quantity-on-hand.

Click The “Continue”

Exporting from QuickBooks Online Essentials

You have already successfully downloaded your company file. To locate the file and complete the export, Click Continue to Download.

Or, you can click Start Over, If you start over, the last file you created will be deleted, to be replaced by the new one you create.

Once the file has been exported, the next step is to Convert it.

Step 3

Click The “ Start Over”

Request your data

To help you decide and prepare to convert to QuickBooks Desktop, we have list some things you should be aware of. While most limitations with export are manageable. We want to make sure you have the information you need to decide if it is right for you. There are also resources to help!

* You are using recurring templates

* Customers credit card information

Click The “Continue”

We will email you as soon as your file is ready to be downloaded from the QuickBooks Online Homepage. Enter your contact information

Click The “Continue”

Thanks for your request! We will email you shortly once your data is ready.


Click The “Close”

Step 4

Create a QuickBooks for Windows company file

Congratulation! You have almost there!

Select from the following options:

* I am moving my data to QuickBooks desktop edition.

* I am creating a local copy to keep on my computer.


Click The “Continue” 

Please open QuickBooks Desktop now and close the company file that display .

There are 2 more steps to convert your data for QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Open QuickBooks for windows and close the company file that automatically opens.
  2. Back in QuickBooks Online .

Click The “Download”

If you have not done so already, open QuickBooks for Windows now and close the file that automatically opens:

Important– During file converting, you will need to check QuickBooks for Windows and accept a security certificate. Don’t worry! The steps are below.

After you click Convert:

* Choose a name for your QuickBooks for Windows company file.

* Open QuickBooks for Windows and accept the security the security certificate.

Click The “ Convert Now “

Step 5

Check your reports in QuickBooks for Windows

Congratulations! You completed the process needed to move your data to QuickBooks for Windows.

Tip! Run reports in QuickBooks for Windows to verify that your data was correctly exported.

Click The “ Finished “

Reports -> Company & Financial -> Balance Sheet Standard 


Hope this Steps works for you.

Please comment with a short description of the problem, if you are not able to Exporting from QBO to QBDT Premier or Pro using these steps. I would love to work on those issues.

Get Help

Because this technique is complex, and only to be used in very specific circumstances, I recommend you Contact Us

In any case, for every one of you on QuickBooks Enterprise known’s identity not utilizing any Enterprise-particular highlights, and have wished there was an approach to rearrange, utilize this workaround to import your file into QuickBooks Online and afterward send out it pull out once more, taking care of your problem.

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